Our Education Committee has been hard at work selecting the very best seminars to present to you at the 2017 PNWHC. The following is just a sampling of what we are bringing together this year!

Dr. Strangebrew: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Spice Rack

Chip Walton - Chop & Brew podcast

Brewing For Consistency-Identifying and Controlling the Variables in Brewing

Mike "Tasty" McDole - The Brewing Network

The Perfect Pairing (or how I learned to stop analyzing and drink the damn beer)

Andrew Reudink - Bader's Beer & Wine Supply

Mastering Beer Evaluation

Ted Hausotter

Shortcut to Sour- Kettle Sour Tips

Luke Barrett & Dave Coyne - Fort George Brewing

Hot, hot, hot! Brewing with hot rocks!

Annie Johnson - PicoBrew

Brew Like An All Star- Tips From Great Homebrewers

Denny Conn - Experimental Homebrewing

The New Technique of Non-Enzymatic Mashing

Aaron Hyde

Sensory & Flavor of Different Specialty Malt

Aaron Hyde

Getting the most from your Hops!

Ted Hausotter

So you want to start a Brewery...From Hobby to Commercial Brewing - lessons learned! A Washington and Oregon perspective

Cameron Johnson (Young Buck Brewing) & John Griffin (Boring Brewing)

Brewing Award Winning Beer with Extract

Alex Brehm

Building your own Brewing Sculpture

Brian Haslip

How Can I Hold Onto Mindshare When I Am Not New? Brand Community Design, Development, and Wholesale Channel Relationships.

Sam Holloway

Homebrew to Business: Does it make sense?

Mellie Pullman

Delicious Historic Beverage or Spoiled Bee Vomit?

Tim Vandergrift

Hops: The Why and The Experimental

Kelly Harper

Barley varieties and your home brew

Pat Hayes

From Field to Brew: Hop Growing and Experimental Brewing

Jeff Barnes - John I. Haas Hops

Sanitation with Craft Meister and BTF Iodophor

 Jonathan Ettlie - National Chemicals

Troubleshooting Problem Fermentations

Neva Parker - White Labs

Bring the Tart, Bring the Funk - Mixed Cultures, Spontaneous Fermentation, Aging and Blending

Panel Discussion with brewers from Logsdon (Shilpi Halemane), Commons (Sean Burke), and Breakside (Ben Edmunds) - Moderated by Jim Thompson (OBC President)

Brewing and Serving Cask-Conditioned Ale at Home

Benjy Edwards

Yes You Can: Home Malting for the Home Brewer

Seth Klann